Multi-Family Homes

Multi-family living requires a special balance between being aesthetically pleasing while maintaining the durability to stand up to the rigor of high foot traffic.

Numerous residents sharing the space will lead to accelerated wear and tear of the flooring, beyond your average residence and yet a pleasing style is also necessary to maintain a homey feel to the shared residential space.

It’s a marriage of function and aesthetics that requires its own category.  At Vifloor, we provide residents of multi-family living with the most extensive variety of flooring offerings, both in material and design.

Whether your apartment complex, or condominium needs corridor carpet, carpet for common areas like a party room, outdoor or indoor entrance mats, runners and elevator bays, our breadth of options and services are sure to provide your multi-family complex with beautiful flooring made to last.

We pride ourselves in our ability to quickly deliver custom flooring solutions that call for uniting function and design. There is no multi-family complex too large or too small for Vifloor.  We make flooring that every family is happy to stand on.

Browse our many commercial matting, commercial flooring, or our bespoke designs. They’re sure to get you on solid ground.



Vifloor offers durable commercial and custom carpet and matting solutions for both interior and exterior uses. With flooring, carpet, and matting made for high-traffic buildings, such as apartment buildings and condominiums, we can exceed any multi-family living design goals.


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