The Finishing Touch

When creating a custom area rug, runner or stair runner, you have options.

There are several kinds of finishes and applications that can be used to finish off carpet.  Some of the most common include binding, serging or nylon.


The options of texture and colour is plentiful, as illustrated through Cortenaer Wool Carpet’s binding selection of Linen, Indus or Kaleidescope Cotton. With a total of 45 colours and 3 textures to select from, you’re sure to achieve your design goals.

There is also the flexibility of how much of the binding you wish to see “on face,” meaning how much you want to see on top of the carpet. You can have as little as 1/4” up to 3” on face with a few minor differences;

¼” on face binding is slim line and would have an overlap at the corners and blind stitched, so you only see the binding and not the stitch.

A binding on face of 1” to 3” will have the corners mitered and blind stitched presenting a clean look.

Binding gives a rug or runner a more tailored and classic finish.


Serging is a method used to finish the edge of an area rug, runner or stair runner. Its distinct look is achieved by yarn that is wrapped around the edge of the carpet continuously. Yarn is selected that compliments and colour matches the carpet, giving it the appearance of being hand-sewn and creates a higher-end look.

Cotton and Nylon Machine Binding

Cotton and nylon tape are the most cost-effective and commonly used to finish a carpet edge. The edge is approximately ¼” on face, colour matched to the carpet. Nylon tape has a sheer finish.