Senior Living

A growing industry, retirement communities require their own unique flooring solutions. These spaces require commercial flooring that can withstand the constant use and busy traffic but must also provide a sense of home and comfort for the residents. Moreover, the softness of the floor must strike a balance between being too hard and sticky or too soft and slippery. Senior living is a unique flooring situation.

At Vifloor, we are prepared with numerous high-quality retirement community flooring solutions, sure to meet your specifications. Whether you’re looking for durable, yet soft corridor carpet, stylish dining room or recreation room flooring, comfortable bedroom carpeting or high traffic welcome mats, we have the aesthetic and functional options to match your senior living center.

At Vifloor, comfort, design, and function come together to produce flooring that feels like home.

Search through our commercial flooring, commercial matting, and bespoke design options to find the flooring that meets your needs.



Vifloor offers durable commercial and custom carpet and matting solutions for both interior and exterior uses. With flooring, carpet, and matting made for high-traffic buildings, such as apartment buildings and condominiums, we can exceed any senior living design goals.


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