Commercial Flooring

Commercial spaces come in many shapes, sizes, and functions. Some require ultra-durable flooring to accommodate high traffic areas or heavy machinery, while others are looking for chic aesthetics and elevated styles or something in between the two. At Vifloor, we have the flooring solutions for all commercial grade projects.

If you’re looking for commercial grade tile, plank, broadloom, resilient, or commercial matting, then you’ve come to the best company in Canada to find products for high traffic areas in numerous styles and designs.

Our dedication to superior customer service is matched by our high-quality commercial flooring and matting in both subtle and eye-catching designs to exceed your expectations. From roll goods, tile, plank, broadloom, and resilient carpet, Vifloor has every option in numerous styles to provide your business with the commercial flooring it can build success upon and stand confidently.

We’re confident that you’ll find no commercial flooring of superior quality, selection, and cost on the market than our own and our customer service has yet to be matched!

Preview the selection of our commercial grade carpets here, or search through our commercial matting on this page.



Vifloor offers durable, commercial flooring, and matting solutions for both interior and exterior uses. Our commercial flooring and matting are made for high-traffic buildings such as office buildings, condominiums, restaurants, hotels, and retail outlets.  Eye catching design, texture, and colour, along with custom logo work and border detail with our matting products sets us apart.  We can satisfy any commercial flooring goal, from function to style and design.

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