Why is wool carpet better?

It’s not just long lasting, environmentally-friendly, and great for your indoor air quality. Today, Vifloor Canada Ltd. takes a look at seven main reasons why wool carpet is better than synthetic options.

  1. Wool looks better longer – while most synthetic fibres are designed to imitate wool, it’s tough to match the strong, resilient nature of this natural fibre source.
  2. Wool is environmentally friendly – wool is a natural, renewable resource. Many synthetic carpets are treated with toxins such as formaldehyde, which is also found in air fresheners, nail polish and kitchen cabinetry.
  3. Wool improves indoor air quality – gases produced from cooking, heating, commonly used household products and allergens such as dust and pollen contribute to a home’s poor indoor air quality. A properly-cleaned wool carpet traps some of those harmful particles and effectively neutralizes them. On a hard surface, those particles are continuously kicked up and more easily breathed in.
  4. Wool resists dirt – natural oils present in wool make the fibre stain and dirt resistant.
  5. Wool is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer – wool helps moderate temperature which can save on heating and cooling costs. Wool’s thermal advantages are due to its low thermal conductivity, high crimp and the release and absorption of heat that accompanies the release and absorption of water vapour.
  6. Wool resists static – that moisture within wool’s fibres allows it to resist the buildup and transfer of static electricity.
  7. Wool is fire resistant – Wool’s high nitrogen and water content makes it naturally flame-resistant. When exposed to flame, wool fibres will typically char and self-extinguish rather than burn.