Twelve ways to use artificial landscape grass

Artificial landscape grass is on rise in popularity as we all endeavour to find sustainable products that are good for the environment. Artificial grass has many eco-friendly benefits, like water conservation and not needing any harsh chemicals to keep it green or grass clippings going into the atmosphere.

Most artificial grass comes with a recyclable backing system, making it the perfect choice for those who want to make their mark in a positive way for the environment. If you’re looking at how you can incorporate artificial landscape grass to your home, look no further! Here are 12 ways you can enjoy green all year round.

  1. Front or backyard – This is one of the most common uses for artificial landscape grass for residential applications, especially when weather turns nice in July and August and we find ourselves with water restrictions and can’t water our lawn. While our backyard is typically where play, leisure and al fresco dining take place, our front lawn is still as important. The desire to have curb appeal is paramount to the value of our home. Just make sure to check city by-laws on installing artificial grass in the front of your home.
  2. Backyard dining and sitting area – Outdoor lounges, chairs and dining tables look so inviting when on top of soft grass, but it can be a chore to remove them all to mow your lawn. Consider replacing your living lawn with artificial landscape grass in your outdoor lounge area. An outdoor dining or entertaining areas need to be durable, look inviting and provide a focal point for your outdoor entertaining. The durability of artificial landscape grass makes it the perfect solution for parties, movie nights, and all your outdoor entertaining.
  3. Great play area for the kids – Artificial landscape grass is a great choice for play areas. When installed correctly, you can have an even surface so the kids won’t be tripping. It also provides some nice cushion under their feet, just in case. There also won’t be any mud or grass tracked into the house. If you have a pet, you can simply “poop and scoop,” and hose it down and for added cleanliness, or you can spray it with a combination of water and vinegar.
  4. Dog run or doggy pad – Artificial grass is specifically designed to be permeable to rainwater and will absorb and drain liquid waste and won’t change colour. Like any lawn, whether it’s real or artificial, removing any solid waste and hosing the area down from time-to-time will help keep the grass clean.
  5. Walkways or between patio stones – Artificial Landscape grass can take the wear and tear of heavy traffic, so walkways or between patio stones just makes sense. If you have a pathway leading to your backyard and entertainment area, or a pool or garden, pathway to the kid’s play area, using it by itself or combining it with stone will give you long-lasting ground cover and walkways and be green all year long.
    Artificial Landscape grass can take the wear and tear of heavy traffic
  6. Pool decks – Artificial landscape grass and pool decks are a great complement to each other. Even after a cannonball, with salt or chlorinated water, the grass will not be affected. The water will drain, and artificial grass around the pool will always look good. It’s not affected by pool chemicals, and the water drains safely away. It also provides a safety element in that it gives a nonslip surface.
  7. Hillside or ravine – Having to maintain a hillside or ravine can be tough when you are needing to mow, look after the plants, pull weeds or do any pruning of plants and trees. Using artificial landscape grass will provide low maintenance and is a real time-saver. It will also help with erosion, which is an advantage for hillside properties. It’s not completely maintenance free, but using a leaf blower and hose from time to time will keep it looking great for years to come.
  8. Putting green – Residential and commercial putting greens usually use artificial landscape grass. When installed correctly, you can get a level surface. It dries quickly and can be used in an area that doesn’t get much sun or areas where it’s hard to grow anything else. It’s also easy to customize the area, utilizing the space you have so you can practice your putting.
    Residential and commercial putting greens usually use artificial landscape grass.
  9. Balconies or rooftops – Bring the green to you! Even on a balcony or rooftop, introducing artificial landscape grass can provide a welcomed reprieve from concrete, and it feels soft on your feet.
    Balconies or rooftops
  10. Use as carpeting/area rug – Artificial landscape grass can be used for indoor/outdoor areas and basements as carpeting. It can be used to create a no-slip surface around hot tubs or swimming pools and can be great in a games room, basement or area rug. Bring a little outdoors, indoors!
  11. Grass wall backdrop – Artificial grass can be an excellent background for an inside wall in your house, or a section of your fence in your backyard to really make a statement. It also delivers great soundproofing and noise absorption and can provide much needed privacy.
  12. Welcome mat – Why not! Artificial landscape grass will withstand constant traffic in and out of your front or back door. It’s great to wipe your feet on and can be hosed off when it gets dirty.
    Artificial landscape grass will withstand constant traffic in and out of your front or back door.