Top carpet trends for 2019


Celebrating the individualist in all of us, character and bold colours are in vogue this year. Statement carpets and area rugs are also frequently gracing entryways, being used in larger sizes, and showcasing a mix of vibrant colours. Here’s our favourite selections from the experts for top carpet trends for 2019.

The Pantone Colour of the Year, “Living Coral,” will be a design shoe-in throughout many modern homes and a statement area rug at the entrance of your home will create the warm, nourishing feeling that it’s meant to present.

quirky B: buying a carpet

If the transition from a more muted tone to a vibrant colour is too much of an adjustment for you, Flooring Inc. suggests cool blue carpets are a good choice that should stay on trend for some time. Combined with hints of grey and other neutral tones, blue carpet will give you the colour you’re looking for while avoiding any shock to the eyes.

Larger-sized area rugs in custom sizes are a top trend as well, according to designer Marlene Barnett, quoted in Elle Décor:

We are going bigger size-wise. It’s not just 6 x 9 or 8 x 10 designs. People are paying more attention to the size of a rug and want to make sure it truly fits into their space. Since all rooms are not created equal, standard sizes just don’t fit and people are going custom. They have the opportunity to experience the luxury of a rug made specifically for that space, and they see it as an investment that they will have for a long time.

Low pile heights are also a consensus among the experts. Low-pile, ultra slim carpets tend to be easier to clean and leave less marks behind when furniture is placed on the rug or carpet.

Area rugs and patterns

Layering rugs is also a great option for making a less-permanent, bold statement and can soften up those hardwood floors. According to the experts at Décor Aid, you can “try pairing bold woven rugs for extra pattern and colour play, or a quieter diamond or striped pattern for something more subtle. Texture is also a brilliant way of adding depth to a room.”

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