The welcome mat: Tips for creating an amazing entrance to your home

change up your mat!

How do you say “welcome” to your guests? When you have a mat at the entrance of your door it signifies a welcome to visitors.

In addition to saying welcome, welcome mats offer so much more. When used outside, they can prevent as much as 80 per cent of the outdoor dirt from coming in your front door, reducing the wear and tear of your front entry flooring. Not only do they trap dirt, but they also help reduce any slips and falls by making wet or damp floors less slippery.

If you want to enhance your entry with a new welcome mat, here are some tips to consider.

Start by saying “hi”

A mat saying hello, welcome, or any other sign of greeting can help you say exactly what you want when visitors knock on your door. The greeting will also draw visitors’ eyes to the ground and may be a gentle reminder to either wipe their feet or take off their shoes before they step past the threshold and inside.

Make it fit

Your mat should fit at least three quarter of the width of your doorway and be deep enough to stand on and wipe your feet. How do you measure for an outdoor mat? If you have a standard exterior door that is three feet wide, your mat should be at least 28 inches wide. If you have double door, your opening will be closer to six feet wide, which would mean that your mat should be a minimum of four-to-five feet wide. Larger mats offer more chances to pick up dirt and water from the shoes or boots of your incoming visitors.

welcome mat outside the box

Think outside the box (or rectangle)

Many welcome mats are a typical rectangular shape. Invest in a custom welcome mat, so you can play with shape. A square, semicircle or tailored shape to suit your entryway can add to the overall effect of your entrance. If you have a large porch area, roll out the rug and have a runner. Add a few chairs to make it feel like another room of your house.

The welcome mat

Have it stand out

If you have a front door that is colourful, use the colour as your inspiration and coordinate your mat to complement it. If your door is neutral, white or black, a large, bold rug in front of the door adds colour and life to a home’s entrance with the right amount of pop.

If your entrance has eye-catching hardware, light fixtures, other accessories and is packed with details, then a neutral mat will help keep the attention on them. Remember, natural doesn’t have to mean boring.

Don’t be afraid to add pattern to your welcome mat. A mat’s design can complement all the elements of your front entrance like your door knocker, mailbox, house number or planters.

Tips for creating an amazing entrance to your home

Personalize it

A monogrammed mat is hard to miss and can offer an element of sophistication to your welcome mat. You can also add a little whimsy and humour that will put a smile on the face of your visitors.

personalized welcome matSwitch it up

Changing your welcome mat with the seasons is a great way to freshen up your entryway. Whether you have a holiday greeting, a welcome mat that suggests fall, spring or summer, either in a saying or with colour, it’s a great way to keep your front entry welcoming all year long.

Doormats are typically made from strong, long-lasting material and are inexpensive pieces that ensure long-lasting flooring. At the same time, they fulfill a welcoming function essential for every home while catching debris and adding style.

umbrella mat

Whatever you decide, make it feel like home!

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