The green, green grass of summer

The summer is now upon us, wouldn’t it be nice to have perfectly green grass? Well you can – no more brown grass, no more dandelions, only soft, lush green grass.

Made in Holland, this tufted landscape grass is environmentally, child and animal friendly, UV resistant and free of lead and cadmium. It blends a mix of light and dark green with a bit of brown for a very natural and convincing look. You will have people stop and bend down to touch it because it looks so good.

emerald landscape grass from Vifloor

No cutting, no watering, no fertilizing, no problem: Emerald Landscape Grass, the “NO” maintenance grass.

Whether you use it in gardens or landscaping or if you are wanting to bring a little outdoors to your balcony or terrace, landscape grass is an ideal product. No more grass cutting, no more lawn watering – just enjoy soft green grass all year long.

The work is in the front end; the enjoyment is for years. It is recommend to hire a landscape professional if you are planning on using it in your gardens or for landscaping. Like most things, doing it right reaps maximum benefit.

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Multifamily application of landscape grass carpet

Landscape grass also provides a softened, natural look on a condo or apartment balcony.