Seven stand-out features and benefits of artificial grass

The snow has melted; temperatures are rising, and the signs of spring are in the air. It’s a welcome sound to hear the birds singing, see buds on the trees, daffodils unfurling from the barren ground – and then there’s the brown grass!

The grass will eventually become green, and you can keep it green with a lot of attention, money and work. If you really want to win the battle of brown and burnt grass, think artificial grass! There are so many features and benefits of artificial grass that real grass simply can’t offer. Here are some that really stand out.

  1. It always looks good – Spring, summer, fall and winter, artificial grass looks vibrant all year long.
  2. Easy to clean – One of the biggest benefits is that artificial turf is incredibly easy to clean. Simply hose the grass down, and it will drain through to the soil.
  3. No toxic ingredients used – Real lawns take time and effort to prevent the inevitable dead patches and burnt yellow circles on your grass. It also takes money to buy fertilizers, growth regulators and pest control products such as insecticides and weed killers. These are toxic ingredients that can harm you, your family and pets that want to enjoy the outdoors. Artificial grass doesn’t require regular maintenance or products to keep it looking green and healthy year-round.
  4. Pest free – Real grass is a haven for fleas, ticks and ants. They can bite and cling to your pet when they roll around in the grass and can invade your house when your dog comes back inside. Bugs can’t thrive in artificial grass, giving you a pest-free lawn and less worries about flea and tick infestations.
  5. No mud – Even the smallest about of moisture can cause mud in a yard. Artificial grass has a specialized drainage system that allows water to pass through to the soil below, eliminating muddy conditions after a rainstorm.
  6. Reduces water usage – No more sprinklers or expensive irrigation systems.
  7. No weeds – Weeds ruin your lawn’s appearance and some, like daffodils and pokeweed, may be poisonous if ingested by dogs.

So, you decide: Which is best?

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