Preparing for snow, ice, cold or power outage: 12 items to have on hand

Preparing for snow, ice and cold or power outage: 12 items to have on hand

Now that you’re prepared with your winter emergency kit, it’s time to take stock of other items you’ll want on hand as you prepare for snow, ice, cold or a potential power outage.

Here’s a list of 12 items to have on hand to keep your safer during a winter emergency.Here’s a list of 12 items to have on hand to keep you safer during snow, ice, cold or a potential power outage

  • Shovel – have a small plastic one in the trunk of your car just in case you need to shovel out your tires in snowy conditions. Replace any metal shovels for plastic ones. Metal shovels can leave small metal filings on the surface of your driveway and walkways.
  • Snowblower – pull out your snowblower, and fire it up to make sure it works. If it needs repair or a tune-up, get it in quickly and be ready.
  • Salt and sand – stock up on de-icing salt and sand. Take inventory and make sure you have ample supply for the winter, so if there’s a deep freeze, you’re ready. Remember, there’s always a run on salt when a big storm hits.
  • Extra blankets – for warmth in the event the power goes out and your heating system right along with it.
  • Gas powered space heater – if the power goes (and heat), the key is to keep heat distribution limited to one room to save energy. Never leave your heater unattended, and be sure the heater is not near anything flammable. Having an extra can of gas is also a good idea during those winter months.
  • Non-perishable food – stock up on canned food, peanut butter, dry goods – enough for at least three days.
  • Bottled water – ensure you have a three-day supply. Since you aren’t having to carry it, allow for four litres per person, per day, to have on hand as back-up.
  • Matches and lighters – in the case of a power outage, remember that a flame can light surface burners on a gas cooktop by turning the burner knob to the low position and holding a lighted match or lighter to the burner. Use caution when lighting the burner, and refer to your owner’s manual to ensure your model can be manually lit.
  • Pet food supplies – everyone in the house needs to eat, including our animals, so make sure you have extra food and anything else you might need for them if you’re stuck at home for three days during a storm or power outage.
  • Baby supplies – formula, food, diapers, wipes, with enough to get you through for three days.
  • Full tank of gas – when winter hits, you should always make sure you fill up your gas tank regularly and keep it filled especially when the weather forecast is calling for inclement weather. In weather emergencies, gas stations get tapped out quickly.
  • Back-up power generator – this is pricy and may feel like a luxury item, but generators will be able to keep your fridge and freezer cold so food won’t spoil and will also keep your heat working and hot water available should a storm knock out your electricity.

Preparation leads to preparedness!

when winter hits, you should always make sure you fill up your gas tank regularly

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