Maintenance and stain removal tips for your wool carpet

Wool is the whitest, cleanest and most natural fibre in the world. It originates from fibre sheered from sheep and is twisted into yarn for weaving. Despite its natural durability, dirt- and water-resistant properties, wool carpet, just like many elements in your home, needs some occasional upkeep for maintenance and to protect against spill and mishaps.

If you have installed new wool carpet in your hope, proper care will make it last for years to come.

Vacuuming is often a wool carpet’s best friend. This is the most effective and economical way to remove soil and dirt particles before they become embodied into your carpet. You cannot over-vacuum, and vacuuming should begin the day the wall-to-wall carpet, runner or area rug is installed. Be sure to regularly vacuum your heavy-traffic areas at least once a week.

For a flat-weave carpet, use a beater brush for best results. Here are several more tips to maintain your wool carpet and protect against stains and spots.

Stain and spot removal:

  • Blot up liquids with paper towels or an absorbent cloth, and scoop up any solids.
  • See our Stain Removal Guide (PDF) for the recommended spot removal process.
  • Work inward from the edge of the spot to prevent excess spreading. Do not rub, as this may cause the spot to spread.
  • Do not saturate with water.
  • Blot dry between each step as indicated in the Guide.

pet stains on wool carpet
Preventative measures

  • Use absorbent mats at every entrance to your home to prevent tracking in dirt.
  • Regularly change filters in your heating and air conditioning systems.

Periodic maintenance

  • Use a reputable wool carpet professional to do a thorough cleaning periodically to remove the deepest soils. There are several deep cleaning methods you can use to ensure the beauty and life of your wool carpet, rug or stair runner.

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