Interior design and décor trends for 2022

Interior design of living room with stylish modular beige sofa, wooden coffee tables, plants, pillows, plaid, neutral room divider

Interior design trends are most often a response to the times. Some are new, and some are blasts from the past that resurface to bring us comfort and nostalgia. We could all use a bit of inner peace and even some glam to keep us content as we spend more time at home.

With that in mind, here is a selection of our favourite interior design trends for 2022.

Curvy furniture

Curves can be playful, fun and bring forth happiness, relaxation and hope. They evoke feminism, sensuality and comfort. While straight lines were once a showcase of modernism, today, more homeowners and design professionals are embracing furniture that breaks the mould. Busting up hard lines with a bit of softness is a great way to make your home a comfortable place to stay.

curvy furniture interior design trendPlants and greenery

Plants are an inexpensive way to decorate and are positive contributors to indoor air quality. Fresh-cut flowers are easily swapped out and changed up, and a potted plant can add a lasting element to most rooms.

For dark basements, a faux houseplant can easily liven up the space. Incorporating a mini-greenhouse can add some fun tropicals or even allow for growing of herbs and vegetables. Plants can be placed on shelving, used to accentuate art, hung from your ceilings or even added to a bar cart or indoor trellis to add some umph! A geometric wall mount can be installed to a sunny space for vertical gardening. Play with heights and sizes to match your room.

plants and greeneryShades of green

According to Apartment Therapy, six national paint brands listed a shade of green for their colour of the year in 2022. Popular online marketplace Etsy also named emerald green as its colour of the year for 2022.

Soft, earthy tones of green reflect nature, which creates feelings of safety and comfort – something we could all use after the last couple of years of upheaval. It also represents growth and new beginnings. Soft greens can blend with many colours and can replace white walls, ceilings, doors and trim. Emerald green, however, is much starker and reflects royalty and refinement. It can be brought into the home with statement pieces like lamps and even glassware.

six national paint brands listed a shade of green for their colour of the year in 2022Biophilic design

Biophilic design – the incorporation of natural elements such as plant life, lighting, natural air flow and views of nature into the built environment – is sure-to-stay trend. Biophilic elements can include water features, natural colour schemes, use of natural light and even incorporating organic patterns in carpeting.

Architectural Digest suggests contemporary conservatories will become all the rage in 2022, as people look to bring the outdoors in, with living spaces bathed in light. The publication suggests indoor trees and miniature greenhouses will be on trend, along with wicker furniture to create an outdoor feel.

Enjoy natural elements with Vifloor's Cortenaer Wool Carpet, style Corto. It is stain-resistant sisal and available in four colours

Enjoy natural elements with Vifloor’s Cortenaer Wool Carpet, style Corto. It is stain-resistant sisal and available in four colours.