How to turn your outdoor shed into the ultimate man cave

As we enter the cold, soggy depths of January in Canada, it’s time to do our best to cheer up and dream of the warmer times to come.

What better way to ring in springtime than to renovate your backyard shed into a livable space? Alan’s Factory Outlet has provided some tips to turn that storage space into the ultimate man cave – or library, office, games room, bar, or even a “castle of the nerd.”

Once you have the windows set, electricity installed and décor straightened out, don’t forget the finishing touches: a stand-out carpet or rug. Drop by the Vifloor Canada Showroom, and we’ll be sure to lend you a hand.

What would be your “can’t-miss” interior design element in your outdoor man cave? Comment below and let us know!
How to Turn Your Shed into the Manliest Man Cave Ever - - Infographic