Coming soon to an office near you: How to create the office design layout of dreams

create the office design layout of dreams

Make your dream office design a reality

Movies like The Internship, The Intern, or even How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days have a way of making luxurious office design feel as far-fetched as their film’s plots.

After all, if all workplaces could look like that, why wouldn’t they? Budgeting is often to blame; however, we purport that this is the actual fictitious belief. Now more than ever, the design of commercial office spaces plays a pivotal role in shaping how we work, collaborate, and innovate. As such, gone are the days of drab cubicles and soulless office setups.

Today, we break down the key components of a stellar office design, focusing on creating dynamic, inspiring environments that enhance productivity and employee enthusiasm.

Envision the design of the company culture

Before diving into the specifics of the office design layout, it’s essential to grasp the unique culture and values of the company. Whether it’s a start-up seeking a vibrant and collaborative space or a more traditional corporation valuing privacy and focus, the office layout should align with the organization’s ethos.

Does the workplace tout its sustainable practices? That’s a trick question – it’s 2024, of course it does. So, consider bringing Patcraft’s Organic Interruption Saturate (OIS) or Learning Lab lines to the office’s foundation, literally. Both lines are an obvious choice for workplaces interested in sustainability and personal health, boasting compliance with many air quality and environmental certifications, including Cradle to Cradle.

OIS embraces linear patterns disrupted by organic textures.

OIS embraces linear patterns disrupted by organic textures. The easy-to-coordinate colour palette offers design flexibility and durable construction, perfectly suited to the workplace.

Ergonomic office design is economic office design

Employee well-being directly influences productivity. Ensure the office design layout includes ergonomic furniture, adjustable desks, and comfortable seating. Strategize the placement of workstations and the accessibility of common areas to encourage movement and mitigate the adverse effects of prolonged sitting.

Work in the traffic flow to your design

Efficient traffic flow is crucial for a well-functioning office. Carefully plan the layout to minimize bottlenecks and congestion points. Consider the proximity of key areas like meeting rooms, break areas, and workstations, and use borders on your flooring to ensure easy navigation for employees.

The modern workplace is ever-changing, and so should its physical layout.Drown out the acoustic concerns in fabric

Open office layouts can sometimes lead to increased noise levels, impacting concentration. Implement acoustic solutions such as sound-absorbing panels, carpets, and designated quiet zones to mitigate noise disturbances. The universal dream office design knows balancing an open environment and private spaces is essential.

Make your design as flexible as a black turtleneck

The modern workplace is ever-changing, and so should its physical layout. Embracing flexibility in design allows for adaptability to changing needs and trends. Consider incorporating modular furniture, movable partitions, and versatile workstations that can be easily reconfigured to accommodate different tasks and team sizes.

The best budget savers are the pieces you know you can reuse when the office design vision shifts. That’s why OIS and Learning Lab offer easy-to-coordinate colour palettes and design flexibility with durable construction to suit any workplace perfectly. Whether looking for lively brights, calming neutrals or linear patterns disrupted by organic textures, we design Vifloor’s commercial carpet lines to bring any dream to reality.

Learning Lab is designed for education spaces, but can easily be adapted to bring the same lively brights and calming neutrals to the workspace.

Master the masterpiece one piece at a time

The key to actualizing a great recipe, movie or dream is all about incorporating the right ingredients and understanding how they work well together and why they work well together.

Meaning, you can’t achieve the goal merely by throwing money at it (although that certainly helps) but by making sure all the correct elements are present and well-suited to the intended audience. By embracing open spaces, flexibility, biophilic design, and employee-centric amenities, you can craft an office that goes beyond the mundane, setting the stage for a thriving and innovative work culture. So, bid farewell to the traditional storyline and welcome the plot twist of cleverly designed commercial office spaces that inspire greatness in every employee.

And if that corporate office design dream takes a turn towards the imposter syndrome trope at the end, leaving you with that unsure-if–its-complete feeling, know that you’ll stand confidently on your design when you’re standing on Vifloor.

bid farewell to the traditional storyline and welcome the plot twist of cleverly designed commercial office spaces that inspire greatness in every employee.