Flooding is in season at commercial properties in Canada

Flooding is in season at commercial properties in Canada

As we enter the beginning of springtime, facilities are bracing for the impact of potential water intrusion. When three-in-five Canadians are worried about the potential consequences that flooding may cause during this spring season, we figured it’s high tide – we mean time – that we highlight some solutions instead of problems.

Here are some tips to consider when preparing for floods.

Here are some tips to consider when preparing for flooding.Precipitation preparation

Take inventory of the building’s essential and not-water-proof supplies, and ensure they’re stored appropriately. This step can mean placing items in a container and raising them above the expected water line on shelves or bolting what can’t be relocated to the ground (i.e. oil tanks and fuel supplies).

While taking inventory, inspect weaknesses in the building and address potential water access points. Decide whether you will use active or passive flooding prevention methods (or what combination of both), and have your protocols set in place. Active measures involve human intervention to deploy the system (like when using sandbags, flood gates, doors etc.), and passive measures are systemic and do not require an immediate human response (such as flood walls, sump pumps or barriers that activate during a flood).

Pro-tip: After deciding your approach, create a list of contacts to call in case of a flooding emergency should you require backup.

Drainage systems – get open and go long

Be sure your facility is capable of expelling the water away from the building effectively by confirming that all drainage systems are free of debris and extend far enough away from your facility’s foundation (approximately two metres out). Additionally, establish a 1 to 1.5 metre gap between all snow banks and the building.

Matting can help manage the flooding mess

Consider implementing some commercial matting to transition your establishment away from an impromptu slip ‘n slide in corporate attire. Even if all the aforementioned tips and pain points are addressed, one of the few certainties in the case of heavy rainfall or snow-melting is that water will be entering your building. Vifloor commercial matting will help absorb and divert water from becoming a falling hazard with its durable composition.

Warning: battening down the hatches with such proficiency may draw a herd of animals. The good news is: commercial matting will not only address the incoming water but can also help contain all paw, hoof and foot prints from getting into your building. So be sure to include some Vifloor matting on your preparations list, if for no other reason than to embrace the season in style.

Matting can help manage the mess