Feeling Handy? How to install landscape grass

If you are thinking of installing landscape grass yourself, here’s how the professionals would do it.

  • Remove any old grass.
  • Level the surface and spread a generous amount of building sand across the surface (5 to 6 cm).
  • Compact the sand, sprinkle with water and level so you are left with a nice even surface.
  • Roll out a geo-textile (a permeable fabric used with soil to help separate, filter, reinforce, protect and drain) and then roll out the artificial grass.
  • Depending on the size of your area, you may need to seam sections together. Use an artificial grass seaming tape or adhesive tape directly under the join.
  • To enhance the wear and appearance, it is recommended that you spread silica sand on top of the grass and spread with a brush or broom. This helps increase the natural look and weight it down.

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