Do more of this and less of that: Artificial landscape grass

artificial grass

Do more of this…
Artificial landscape grass
Less of that…

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With spring in the air and summer around the corner, spending time outside and enjoying our backyards is at the top of the list. Who doesn’t want to create a backyard retreat without the work? Artificial landscape grass can do just that, and there’s a host of reasons why it’s better than real grass – 10 reasons in fact!

#1 – Artificial landscape grass looks beautiful 12 months of the year

Off the top, artificial grass is weather-proof and looks great all year round. There’s no more brown or faded grass as we cycle through the seasons. Artificial grass looks lush and inviting all year long.

#2 – It make sense and it will keep “cents” in your pocket

Artificial grass keeps money in your pocket. It requires no watering, no mowing and no feeding. You’ll have reduced water bills because there is no watering required. It will also save you money for lawn maintenance, like fertilizer or weed control chemicals.

#3 – Eco-friendly

Artificial grass addresses the main environmental concerns because you don’t need to water it, mow it or use pesticides or fertilizer. There will also be no more formaldehydes going into our atmosphere from grass clippings, and to top it off, many artificial grass backing systems are recyclable.

#4 – Children and pet friendly

One of the key features of artificial grass is that it is safe for children and pets alike. Toxins, pesticides and other harmful chemicals typically used on real grass can be a thing of the past, and it is also allergy-free. It also won’t harbour flees, ticks and ants that can invade your animals who can bring those pests into your house. Bugs can’t thrive in artificial grass, giving you a pest-free lawn and peace of mind when your children and pets are playing on the grass.

#5 – Low maintenance

Artificial grass creates a beautiful landscape with no additional maintenance costs and limited work to keep it looking beautiful. Remove leaves, dust and debris with a stiff brush, leaf blower or rake, as long as it’s not a metal rake as this could damage the fibres.

#6 – Easy to clean

Artificial grass has great drainage features, so pet urine will drain away the same way rainwater does and it will not leave a stain. Pet waste is easy to spot. Simply pick it up, and hose the grass down. It will drain through to the soil below with no lingering smell.

#7 – No mud

Even the smallest amount of rain can cause mud in the yard. Artificial grass has a specialized drainage system that allows water to pass through it to the soil below, so you can say good-bye to muddy feet and paws coming in to the house.

#8 – No weeds

With proper installation and the use of high-quality artificial grass, weeds can’t permeate through the grass, and you’ll be the envy of your neighbours.

#9 – No fading

Quality artificial grass won’t fade in the sun. It is protected against sunlight and UV rays. During the manufacturing process, it is UV stabilized which protects it against fading.

#10 – Ideal for a variety of uses and locations

Whether you want to bring the soft feel of grass onto your balcony or rooftop terrace, use artificial landscape grass around a pool, between patio stones, create an artificial grass wall, use it for your whole lawn or make an outdoor artificial grass area rug for your patio or deck. Make the most of your space with grass – artificial grass that it!