Carpet fibre 101

Carpet fibre glossary 101

There are many different types of carpet fibres. Carpet fibres can be natural or man-made. Each have their own characteristics, strengths and can come with very different price tags. They may also feel different underfoot.

The experts at Vifloor are here to help you determine what is best for your home with this glossary of 10 different types of carpet fibres.


Wool is the whitest, cleanest and most natural fibre in the world originating from fibre sheered from sheep and twisted into yarn for weaving. Wool is luxurious, long-lasting, has a natural ability to resist stains and soiling, naturally makes your air cleaner and is the softest carpet fiber you will find.

close-up of wool carpet fibre

A close-up of wool carpet fibres.


Nylon is a man-made, commercially manufactured synthetic fibre. It is strong, soft, and resistant to stains and abrasions due to the protection from a stain treatment. The highly resilient fibre can be revived by steam-cleaning to restore much of their original loft. Nylon can be vulnerable to food stains and can be discolored by bleach or acids and overtime can build up static which is felt when walking across the carpet.


Acrylic fibre is a synthetic fibre made from clear plastic. This artificial fibre gives the look of wool with a value-driven price tag. The synthetic fibre resists oils and chemicals and sunlight degradation and from time to time will shed and not deal with crushing as well.

Sisal, a timeless, casual carpet, is part of our Vifloor’s Cortenear Wool Carpet line.

sisal carpet fibre

A close-up of sisal carpet fibre.


Polyester is a synthetic man-made fibre derived from coal, air, water and petroleum. It is one of the least expensive synthetic fibres. It’s prized for its ability to hold vibrant, fade-resistant colors, it’s resistance to stains and water, but tends to crush and show wear faster.


Polypropylene, also known as olefin, is a very strong and abrasion resistant fibre. It is considered one of the most stain resistant fibres due to the dye method used called solution dyeing. Solution dyed fibres utilize a process in which the colour is melted into the yarn. Bleaching agents, extreme sunlight, and most household stains have little or no effect on polypropylene fibres. It is prone to soiling or holding onto oils which in turn, collect dirt.


Sisal is a natural plant material available woven and dyed in various colours as well as, machine and hand painted.


Seagrass is a grass grown in China in paddies, which are flooded with seawater. The grass is harvested, dried and spun into a strong yarn for weaving. The nature of the grass yarn makes it impermeable, so dying it is difficult. Consequently, seagrass products are a neutral colored product, ranging from a greenish-tan to green-brown and light brown. As with most natural products, there are colour inconsistencies, but that adds an interest you don’t find in “perfect” products.


Jute is a natural fibre native to India which can be shredded and spun into yarn. Jute yarns are used for backing in woven carpets, or itself woven into sheets and used as secondary backing on tufted carpet. In many applications, jute is being replaced by fiberglass, polypropylene or other synthetic fibres.


Coir carpet is made from coconut husks to produce a material of great strength. These extremely strong fibres make a tough and slightly course floor-covering that is hard wearing. Fibres are extracted from the shell then crushed, dried in the sun and then woven into floor-covering.


Linen is one of the first products made by early man coming from cultivated flax plants. When it’s used in carpet making, it’s blended with other fibres such as wool or cotton. Linen is a strong fibre that doesn’t stretch when pulled and as a result, it doesn’t readily stand up to traffic.

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The continuous, curving loop of Vifloor’s Orbit from its Cortenear Wool Carpet line is available in five colours.