6 advantages to adding borders to your building’s commercial matting

Adding a border to your commercial matting has 6 advantages.

#1 – Borders enhance the overall look and design of your commercial matting and building

Sharpen up the boundaries of your flooring design and make it pop! First, consider whether you want a dark, light or patterned outline, then choose where to accentuate.Borders enhance the overall look and design of your matting and building
Borders enhance the overall look and design of your commercial matting and building

#2 – Borders help to draw the eye to a path

In design, it’s all about controlling where the eye goes first. When first impressions matter, borders help set the tone from the ground up. Guide your guests every step of the way throughout their experience in your building and add that extra stylish support to their navigation.

Borders help to draw the eye to a path

#3 – Borders differentiate spaces

Draw a line in your design. Every space has a purpose, and every purpose has a boundary. Let it show through the floor and distinguish between the different territories of your environment. Make the borders a transitional piece, moving your guest from one space to the next, subliminally guiding their expectations along the way.

Borders assist to differentiate spaces

 #4 – Borders highlight building features

Make your space expressive and accentuate its assets – or make it functional and guide to essential elements like safety exits. Borders can handle it all, and we’re a big fan of doing both. A border can highlight building features

#5 – Borders draw attention around stairs, elevators and escalators

Adding on to the functional component, borders emphasize changes in flooring texture and help avoid slips, trips and falls in precarious places. Get your guests’ attention when necessary and show them where special consideration is needed.Borders mark the elevators or escalators

#6 – Borders can coordinate with floor patterns or curves

Best of all, thanks to borders, carpets don’t have to do anything you don’t want them to do. Gone are the days of sacrificing form for function. Instead, let the material maintain the practical absorption and collection of dirt while this design softens the edge. Borders can coordinate with a floor patterns or curves

Borders on commercial matting can be any size, shape, with many colour options to complement any building décor or focal point.