A customer service success story from Vifloor Canada

Vifloor’s Customer Service Manager had been working with one of our customers on a job where the flooring quantity kept changing due to complexities of the job. Ultimately a decision was made on the quantity, and the order was placed with Vifloor’s U.S. based mill. The order arrived at our warehouse, and our customer came to pick it up to begin the installation.

Days later, the customer arrived at our office in a panic. Their calculation was off, and they were short on the order and had a strict deadline to meet that was days later. The timeline did not enable us to secure the same product, in the same die lot and bring it up in enough time.

The Customer Service Manager, offering up the best service and being intimate with many of the in-house orders, remembers that another one of our customers had ordered the same product. She pulled the order, did some digging and phoned that customer to see what their timelines was. It turned out that they did not need it for another couple of weeks, and with their approval, Vifloor was able to allocate a portion of their order to cover the shortfall of the panicked customer. All the while, she was also coordinating and secured the replacement of the portion used.

The panicked customer was so grateful of everything that was done that he wanted to show his appreciation by buying our office lunch. We were so touched by his thoughtful gesture and enjoyed a pizza lunch for everyone at Vifloor.

Taking customer service to a new level so that our customers can “Stand Confidently” is the backbone of Vifloor Canada.

Vifloor Canada: Customer service story

Vifloor went the distance to assist a panicked customer in order to meet a strict deadline.